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Dreadlock Shampoo Bar
Knotty Boy Shampoo bar
Liquid Dread Shampoo
Knotty boy Liquid shampoo
Bee-Washed Pre-Dreading & De-Waxing Soap
Bee - Washed Pre- dreading and De- waxing soap.
Minty fresh, sparkling clean dreadlocks are 100% possible when washed with Knotty Boy Residue Free Natural Dreadlock Shampoos, our #1 best seller AND the world's first dreadlock-specific shampoo. These truly all natural shampoos are specifically formulated to keep locks sweet-smelling, while a cool, minty blend of pure Essential Oils prevent and treat itchy, flakey scalps that sometimes occur during the locking process.
Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Shampoos are small-batch pure castile soaps, made by hand in the traditional French-mill process from saponified Vegetable and Organic Essential Oils only. Because Knotty Boy Shampoos gently clean without the use of chemical foaming agents or softeners, they are ideal for keeping dreads and scalps fabulously clean, cool and flake-free, without hindering the locking process or leaving a trace of build up behind.
From a healthy scalp healthy locks will grow. Wash your locks with the original dread shampoo, and join your Knotty family in scrubbing out the 'dreads are dirty' deception!
So which one do I choose? Whichever you prefer. Both Dreadlock Shampoos deliver the same lock-cleansing, minty ingredients that keep you feeling and smelling fresh for days. Some prefer the more travel-friendly, lightweight and naturally foamy Shampoo Bar, and others like the more conventional Liquid Shampoo. Your choice, or try both!