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  • dreadlock hair, then remove without cutting
  • unlocks and repairs both new and mature dreads of all hair types
  • Shampoo breaks down Wax and environmental build-up, preparing locks for removal
  • Deep Conditioner allows the tightest of knots to be easily freed, retaining and repairing the original hair
  • allows you to try dreadlocks anytime, then get your hair back risk-free!
    "So, what do you do when you don't want 'em anymore?"
    How many times have you asked, or been asked, that question - and literally dreaded the answer, knowing it would likely involve a giant pair of scissors?
    If you've always wanted to try dreadlocks but were worried losing all that hair was a part of the dreadful deal, worry no more. After so much time spent starting and growing those lovely locks, Knotty Boy now has a way for good folks everywhere to freely enjoy having, and then REMOVING, them without cutting - with the World's first scissor-free dreadlock removal system.
    The Knotty Boy Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit is designed for removing locks started with wax-based dread products, but also works wonders in the removal and deep-cleaning of all dreadlock types.
    Knotty Boy Removal Kit's cute, clear, reusable tote bag contains the following:
    Dreadlock Removal Shampoo with White Grapefruit & Hemp Oil
    Knotty Boy's incredible Removal Shampoo utilizes natural properties found in Citrus Peel to gently, yet powerfully soften and dissolve wax and environmental build-up in dreads for easy removal, while Hemp Oil and Oat Proteins restore moisture and nutrients essential for healthy, soft, great-looking hair.
    Dreadlock Damage-Control Deep Conditioner with Prickly Pear & Hemp Oil
    After thoroughly scrubbing with Knotty Boy Removal Shampoo, detangle and moisturize loosend locks with our silky Deep Conditioner for softer, easier-to-comb-through hair and ultimate repair. Aloe Vera Extract soothes the scalp and follicles, while Jojoba, Hemp Oil and Panthenol smoothes, strengthens and conditions knotty hair back to its previous, free-flowing form.
    Both Shampoo and Conditioner may be used repeatedly on non-locked hair for continued repair and conditioning.

    Please note:
    Depending on how mature your locks are, complete dreadlock removal may require hours or, in some cases, a full day. Removal can be broken into sessions and done over a few days time, if prefered. This may seem like a lot of effort, but considering dreadlocks take several hours minimum to create from scratch, it's not unreasonable that it may take as much, or more, time to pick all those knots back out of your hair again. The work is literally in your hands, but with the help of the Knotty Boy Removal Kit, a strong comb and a little patience and time, you will most certainly be restored to your full head of original hair.