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LockSteady Tropical Tightening Gel
Lock Steady Tropical Tightening Gel
  • quickly tightens both new and mature locks with light, wash-out formula
  • grooms and controls loose hair and frizzies instantly
  • great for starting and maintaining locks, wax-free
  • aloe-based formula provides safe alternative to harsh salt-based accelerator sprays
  • incredible tropical Lime fragrance!
Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray
Pepper mint cooling moisture spray
  • best-seller for instantly cooling and treating irritated, itchy scalps
  • safe, effective alternative to medicated dandruff shampoos
  • refresh dreadlocks with tingly, minty lasting freshness
Itchy scalp driving you crazy? Well, quick! Spritz a little Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray onto that hot head for instant relief!
Natural MISTic Deodorizer & Fragrance Spray
Natural Mistic deodorizer and fragrance spray.
finally, a fabric freshener for your hair! instantly kill bacteria and deodorize musty or smelly dreadlocks refresh and cleanse locks between showers with just a few squirts keep locks fresher, longer between washings infuse hair with light, lasting fragrance
Dreadlock Conditioning Spray
DreadLock conditioning spray
  • light, leave-in conditioning spray for mature locks
  • softens and strengthens dry or fragile dreads
  • replenishes lost moisture, increasing elasticity and preventing breakage
  • smooths, grooms and tidies frizzy, loose hair
  • mix n match between three heavenly fragrances that last for hours!
Designed for dreadlocks over 1 year old, the all natural Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray is a light, leave-in miracle moisturizer that defrizzes, softens, smooths and strengthens dry locks that are feeling fuzzy or fragile, while leaving them smelling simply heavenly for hours!
Knot-Tea Scalp Tonic
Knotty-Tea scalp Tonic

Knotty Boy Knot-Teas Scalp Tonics are brewed like a nice, hot, soothing cup of tea, but unlike tea that you drink, this tonic goes right on your head! Named after some of our beautiful Islands located off the B.C., Canada coast, and made from locally grown and organically sourced ingredients. Four Knot-Tea bags per pack.